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Established in 1988, Tranco Generators is a leading name in the supply and installation of generators. With an annual turnover in excess of £2.5 million, we have gained a reputation for sound advice in the choice of a generator to suit every power need from small output generators to serve plant and small businesses, to units capable of powering large factories, equipment and machinery.

This expertise, which ranges from initial planning to installation, is supported by a quality team of maintenance and repair staff to ensure every generator performs to its specification and continues to operate efficiently from the day it is installed. Our reputation has been built on years of trouble-free service, both on new and used generators and Tranco Generators call on the widest of engines and alternators to match customer requirements.

From our headquarters near Chesterfield in Derbyshire, Tranco Generators daily transport around the globe, including a large percentage to Europe and the Far East. Aswell as selling new generators, we also offer a wide range of used generators. Our factory is constantly replacing and updating its large stocks of reconditioned units. Each generator is thoroughly tested before leaving our premises. We now employ 9 people in our Sales, Hire and Servicing departments. Our rapid growth has made Tranco Generators a powerhouse among generator suppliers

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